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 If I hadn't spoken to you I do believe that for the rest of my life I would just have been surviving rather than living.


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Featured Product:   Angel Amulets

Angel Amulets

The custom made multi purpose Angel Amulets have been designed by psychic medium Elizabeth Francis to enable your energies to align and attune to receive the type of guiding, wellness energies that only your birth date Angel can provide. As one of the 72 Angels of the Zodiac your birth date Angel over governs your birth date and therefore can bring you into a more open space of awareness. In this state you can become more relaxed and therefore more open to communicating with your Angel. The amulet can also be warn to provide you with Divine protection and support and can deter self-sabotage behaviour that is interfering with your long-standing goals. They can also be used for meditation purposes in the hope of finding your higher soul purpose.  For more information visit http://www.elizabethfrancis.co.uk/shop/angel-amulets

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There is nothing in this world that is so broken that it cannot be mended by Divine Spirit.

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GOOD NEWS 0906 have been REDUCED by 0.03p per min.

The Help Make The Ring Of Prayer was completed on the 19th September  2014. Completion enabled automatic activation of constant prayers, which will be added to all those prayers being say by others. Thank you to all who participated in this venture.

New readings have been added! You can now order readings on the spiritual purpose of any weight loss or gain, your Saturn Return and the spiritual meaning of unwellness.